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CSG open up new profit point of growth
Release date:【2013.1.2】

CSG ( 000012) president of South had recently in roadshow said, investors worried that the float glass industry has to pay pay, will not be on the company's overall business constitute major effect. A float glass income in a few years will account for a total revenue of fraction, fundamentally from the repeat construction influence on enterprises. CSG three existing industrial division in the domestic leading level, complementary sex is very strong, and are moving to new areas of development.

The South had said, CSG has net assets of 2300000000 yuan, most shots in the raw material industry and downstream processing, in the past 10 years has created considerable returns for shareholders. But with the development of the situation, group from the existing in the industry to go out, in addition to the existing industry do fine, the eye looks at a new development direction. Energy efficiency and renewable energy, is encouraged by the state to support the industry, but also meet the needs of national economy and social development. He believed that the profitability of the company's continued growth will come from this huge market.

It is reported, the company invested Dongguan green energy science and Technology Park in 2005 October start of civil engineering. Park the first batch of projects covering a total annual capacity of 5000000 square meters of Low-E energy-saving glass production line; daily melting capacity of 250 tons of solar glass and super white glass production line; 30 megawatts of solar cell production line and other projects have been completed the preparatory work, will soon start the construction.

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